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[Intentio] Important information regarding your web hosting accounts.


The Internet is a fast moving and constantly evolving environment. New technologies are created daily, new standards are there to be followed and new threats are created each day. It takes an enormous amount of resources to keep current and still maintain a competitive edge.

We started Intentio 12 years ago when the Internet was in its relative infancy. Home broadband was measured in Kilobits not Megabits, Internet on phones was called WAP and the iPhone was still 4 years from being announced. We wanted to help give small businesses and keen users like us get a presence on the web and help them get an edge over their competitors.

With that being said, we feel we are no longer able to maintain that competitive edge or give you the ever growing resources you need to maintain your ever growing website. This is one of the main reasons we are winding down our web hosting and email services more commonly know as Intentio.

We are writing to you now, with plenty of notice, to inform you that you will need to migrate your website to another web host by 9pm Monday 30th March 2015. After this point our services will be shut down and you will no longer be able to access our servers or any of your content and emails unless hosting is moved. Any data left on the servers after this time will be destroyed.

We are here to help make the move the best we can by helping you migrate your site across to a new web host if you need assistance. The web hosting we provided is based around cPanel so any web host that provides cPanel can provide easy migration across to their servers.

We are sorry for any problems this may cause you.


Intentio RMAC Ltd

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